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Your Staff is Constantly in Motion

InMotion Care™ delivers knowledge, action, and insights based on time and location of your care staff

The Only Real-Time Precision Care Software for Senior Living

We are the only software that measures and reports on the movement of your caregivers. It is the only platform that stores this motion data to provide never-before-seen insights into care delivery, care confidence and financial performance.

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Caregiving Precision

  • Know exactly where your staff and equipment are located
  • Understand precisely how time is spent on common tasks
  • See what is happening when you're not there
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Labor Cost Insight

  • View your labor cost per resident in real-time
  • Know that your residents have the right care plan
  • Adjust your staffing easily based on care needs
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Staff Confidence

  • Boost staff confidence and reduce agency usage
  • Empower staff to quickly address family care questions
  • Put the tools caregivers need in their hands

Workforce Optimization

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Measure the movement of your staff with time-stamped and location-stamped data. See actual task times and set expectations for efficiency.

Balance staff between neighborhoods to better address care needs across the community.

Develop average care and task time models. Review agency staff performance to better manage use.

Residential Care Analysis

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Insight from InMotion Care will help you direct your staff based on:

  • Time spent with each resident
  • When and where tasks are performed
  • Task load and overdue tasks

Our real-time cost per resident report will help you identify specific needs for residents and plan accordingly.

Compare the actual cost of care with the resident’s care plan and justify any needed adjustments.

Care Management

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InMotion Care gives you precise information to ensure that residents are receiving the care they expect. See real-time staff and equipment locations. Time- and location-stamped data provide easy playback of caregiver actions.

When caregivers enter a resident’s room, the corresponding care plan and task list pop up on the caregiver’s phone. Charting and task completion are recorded when and where they are performed.

When a family calls about their loved one, managers can answer who provided care and when it was provided while the family is still on the phone.

Staff gain confidence in their actions and managers can easily see that care has been provided.

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