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Measuring Motion

  • Precise time-stamped and location-stamped actions
  • See exact location within rooms
  • Unobtrusive badge worn by staff
  • Find co-workers and equipment
  • Call or message co-workers
I can quickly find my co-worker…and the darned Hoyer lift!

Interacting with Care Plan

mobile phone hvm image
  • Role-based care and task lists pop up in app when caregiver enters resident’s room
  • Real-time care plan updates
  • Care plan management including change acknowledgement
  • Task lists assigned to individuals, roles or locations
The mobile app beats those paper care plans in my back pocket.

Ongoing Reporting Analysis

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  • Report by time, staff member, resident
  • Report by location including resident rooms and common areas
  • Monitor assigned and unassigned tasks
  • Model labor costs and task timing
I have access to data I’ve never seen before. I love the labor cost report.

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